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What to Expect From Roof Cleaning

You know your roof needs cleaning when black streaks and moss appear on its surface. This is not just an eyesore, it can indicate structural problems that will require costly repair. Like many other home services, Roof Cleaning Sarasota prices can vary greatly. You want to be sure you are hiring a trustworthy and reliable contractor without being duped into overspending.

Commercial Cost


As with most services, the cost of having your roof cleaned can be a bit pricey. Homeowners need to have a general idea of what to expect so that they don’t end up paying too much or being duped by companies offering low prices. Knowing what to expect can help them sort through the many options available and decide which one will be the best for their situation.

Generally, roof cleaning costs run from around $0.20 to $0.60 per square foot. There are a few factors that can affect this, though. The size of the roof will influence pricing, as will the type of roof material and the severity of contaminants such as moss and algae growth. Other costs may include leaf blowing or a variety of preventive treatments that can protect your roof from future build-up.

The first factor to consider is the cleaning method used. Some cleaners offer a pressure washing service that uses highly pressurized water to remove moss, dirt, and grime from your roof. This can be effective, but it is not recommended for certain types of roof materials such as shingles. This is why some companies offer a soft wash option, which uses a low-pressure spray with detergents and brushes to clean your roof. This is a more gentle approach that takes longer but is safer for most roofs.

Other types of cleaners include a treatment that kills moss and prevents it from returning between cleanings. This can be useful if you live in a forested area or have frequent leaf piles on your roof. It can also be helpful for roofs that are prone to mildew or algae growth.

It is worth noting that some roofing warranties require regular cleaning in order to remain valid. Taking the time to have your roof regularly cleaned can ensure that it lasts for as long as possible and reduces the risk of needing to replace it entirely. It’s important to consult with a professional to determine the optimal cleaning schedule for your roof. In addition, having your roof regularly cleaned can increase curb appeal and help spot other issues early on that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Residential Cost

If you’ve noticed black streaks on your roof, moss, or other growths, you may think about hiring professional cleaners to help with the cleanup. Not only do these unsightly growths reduce the curb appeal of your home, but they can also lower its value if you’re considering selling. The good news is that a thorough cleaning can restore the beauty of your roof and remove any threats that could lead to serious leaks or other damage.

The cost of a residential roof cleaning can vary depending on the type of treatment used and the size of your roof. Most professionals charge per square foot, but a few other factors can also influence the price.

Roofs that are difficult to access can add to the overall cost of cleaning because they take more time to clean. For example, if you have a multistory house and need to use a ladder to reach the rooftop, this can increase the overall labor costs and equipment rental charges.

Other elements that impact the roof cleaning cost include the type of roofing material and whether it needs to be treated with a special solution to prevent further growths. For instance, a shingled roof that has been treated with zinc strips can prevent future algae or moss growth and is less likely to need cleaning or maintenance.

In general, a pressure wash is more expensive than a soft wash because it uses pressurized water to clean the roof. However, a soft wash can be just as effective at eliminating moss and dirt without damaging the roof surface.

Whether you choose a soft wash or a pressure wash, the cost of cleaning your roof can be relatively inexpensive compared to other home improvement projects. Keeping your roof clean can increase the lifespan of your roof and help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. Plus, regular cleaning can also highlight any potential problems before they become a major issue. So, if you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home and protect its value, consider getting a free estimate for roof cleaning today.

Type of Roof

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It protects you and your belongings from the elements and can increase your property value if it is maintained properly. Regular roof cleaning can remove unsightly moss and algae patches that trap moisture and eat away at your roofing materials. It can also extend the lifespan of your roof.

How often you need to clean your roof depends on the surrounding environment and roof material. For example, metal roofs need to be cleaned more frequently than asphalt shingles. This is because the dirt and debris that accumulate on metal roofs can scratch or damage the surface of the roof.

Some homeowners choose to use chemical based cleaning solutions that are safe for most roofing types, but you need to be careful as these chemicals can sometimes damage or kill nearby vegetation. If you use this type of cleaner, it is best to water all plants and grass before and after the cleaner is applied.

You can also use low-pressure washing that is safe for most roofs, but you should avoid using a pressure washer that generates more than 100 pounds per square inch (psi). This high amount of water pressure can loosen the glue that holds the asphalt shingles to the roof and cause them to fly off in windy weather.

Another option is to have your roof sprayed with a solution that contains fungicides, which will kill moss and other plants that are growing on the roof. However, this method will only remove the moss in the area where the spray is applied and it won’t wash away the spores that are causing more moss to grow.

The most effective way to remove moss is to do a thorough roof cleaning, which will include removing all the organic growth and then treating with fungicide. However, this is a costly option, especially if you have a large roof. For this reason, some people prefer to simply hire a professional to spray their roof and treat the problem areas with fungicide.

Moss Removal

Regardless of roof type, you can remove moss with a little patience and basic tools. The most important thing is to hose down the area with plain water at a downward angle, and scrub with a long-handled brush. You want to gently free the moss from the shingles, but don’t scrape or scour the roof because you could damage the coating that protects the materials. Also, avoid using a pressure washer, as high-powered water jets can dislodge or break shingles, and possibly void the roof’s warranty.

If you choose to use a commercial cleaner or a bleach solution, follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. They will often recommend that you spray the roof and let it sit for 20 to 45 minutes, depending on the severity of the moss problem. A homemade solution can be as simple as chlorine bleach mixed with water in a spray bottle, but be sure to protect nearby plants and shrubs with plastic sheeting or tarps.

After letting the solution sit, you can work to remove the moss from the shingles with your hands. It may take a bit of effort, but it is better than leaving the moss on your roof where it can trap moisture and cause shingle damage and mold.

You should perform a visual inspection of your roof after the moss is removed to make sure all the debris was cleaned off. If you find any areas where the moss hasn’t completely disappeared, you can repeat the process or consider hiring a professional to get the job done right. Keeping your roof clean can prevent the need for costly home repairs down the road, and will help keep the value of your property. Be sure to research the best cleaning methods for your roofing material, as a wrong approach can lead to premature deterioration and expensive repair costs. Angi is an online resource that provides information on home improvement, maintenance, and repair projects for homeowners. You can also use their calculators to estimate project costs and connect with local contractors. Angi is free for homeowners, and their resources can help you save time and money on home improvement projects.